Par Crystalline Par Crystalline

Cementitious Concrete Waterproofing
PAR CRYSTALLINE is a cementitious, brush applied, waterproofing treatment for concrete. When it is mixed with water & applied to concrete, it penetrates into the concrete mass protecting against the passage of water.

PAR CRYSTALLINE react chemically to form billions of needle like crystals which blocks the pores, voids & micro cracks in concrete.Pre saturation & subsequent re- wetting of the surface will cause deeper diffusion of the organic chemicals & formation of crystals at greater depth. It may take from seven days to one month to reach its maximum waterproofing capability, depending on the thickness of concrete. Environmental factors such as ambient temperature, density of concrete, moisture present & weather conditions all can effect the timing of sealing process. Under dry conditions, PAR CRYSTALLINE lies dormant. However it becomes reactive whenever it is re-exposed to moisture.
PAR CRYSTALLINE contains active waterproofing chemicals which react with moisture and unhydrated cement in the concrete, creating insoluble crystalline complexes which seal the capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks. They penetrate even against strong hydrostatic pressure, becoming an integral part of the concrete. The waterproofing chemicals remain active for the life of the structure, permanently sealing it from water penetration.

Water retaining Structures Water Excluding Structures
Water tanks, towers - Basements
Reservoirs - Tunnels
Swimming pool - Inspection Pits
Water treatment works - Foundations
Dams - Lift shafts
Concrete Pipes - Construction Joints
Canals - Sea defence walls
Harbours - Retaining walls
- Bridge Decks
- Jetties

1) Stops water movement through concrete
2) Protects reinforcing steel against corrosion
3) Waterproofs minor cracking & seals shrinkage cracks up to 0.4 mm width.
4) Its waterproofing capability increases with time. i.e. It remains permanently active.
5) Does not get affected by surface wear or abrasion
6) Can be applied to positive or negative side of concrete
7) Non toxic, thus good for use in drinking water containments
8) Treated concrete withstands hydrostatic pressure upto 150 mtr head
9) Easy in application, only mix water at site.
10) Protects concrete against contaminated water & corrosion.
11) Applicable on moist substrates.
12) It allows concrete to breathe, but is not a vapour barrier
13) Waterproofs by deep crystallisation, where slabs or concrete rafts / PCC are to be landscaped.

SURFACE PREPERATION to old and existing substrates
Remove dirt, laitance, loose particles, paints, etc., by means of mechanical grinding, sandblasting, and pressure water cleaning, or suitable mechanical means.
Remove all protrusions,chisel out honeycombed / damaged areas, repair the cracks and work back to sound concrete.
It is extremely important to ensure that the surface should be sound and thoroughly surface prepared, and vacuum cleaned to a finish of a sand paper, to allow PAR CRYSTALLINE to penetrate effectively. This can be achieved by mechanical surface scarification, shot blasting, etc.
Thoroughly rinse the surface with water several times to reach a "saturated surface dry" (SSD) condition, where the surface should be damp, without any standing water.

Mix PAR CRYSTALLINE powder to water in ratio 5 parts powder : 2 parts water for waterproofing purpose and 5 parts powder : 1 part water as a putty for repair purpose. Always mix powder to water & stir it well to obtain a lump free mixture. Mix only quantities to be used within 30 minutes. Mix PAR CRYSTALLINE mechanically with clean water to a thick consistency. Separate containers of same volume should be used to measure powder & water. On fresh concrete in floors, slabs and horizontal surfaces:

Before final trowelling, PAR CRYSTALLINE can be seeded or broadcast, and then trowelled. Measure a 5 square meter area & broadcast a pre-determined amount of powder equally using a sieve or similar device, until the coverage is uniform & a consistent finish is achieved across the slab. Spread 1 kg powder per sq. m. After the final set of concrete, only sprinkle water for initial curing. 48 hours later, ponding for regular curing can be done. If application is being done in direct sunlight, it is extremely important to cover the slab after final trowelling with a rigid sheet of polythene. Take care to see that the sheet is not in contact with the surface of the slab. This can be done by placing the sheet on bricks to ensure a gap in between the slab and the sheet, which will allow air circulation. Removethe sheet after 48 hours and water-pond to cure regularly. On existing or old substrates with dampness. Ensure thorough surface preparation by mechanical means, to remove all laitance, etc.,to expose the pores in concrete and allow the penetration of the treatment.
All crevices and holes in concrete shall be filled with PAR CRYSTALLINE powder mixed with water in a ratio of 5 parts powder : 1 part water.
Over a concrete substrate in a SSD condition, apply PAR CRYSTALLINE mixed in a ratio 5 partspowder : 2 parts clean water,
with a clean brush. Use an aggressive circular motion of the brush with slurry. Apply a second coat after 3 to 6 hours. PAR CRYSTALLINE treated surface shall be left to cure for 2-3 days, as mentioned above and protect from direct sunlight for this initial period. For full cure, give 28 days along with concrete.

Completed application should be moist cured for a minimum of 2-3 days & protected from rain & light traffic for 12 hour. Start curing as soon as PAR CRYSTALLINE has hardened sufficiently so that it may not be damaged by a fine water spray. Heavy traffic should be avoided until the surface has hardened, atleast for 5 days. Finishes containing portland cement may be applied over PAR CRYSTALLINE after 3 hours, but other finishes & paints should not be applied before 28 days along with concrete. Back filling can be carried out after 36 hours of application of PAR CRYSTALLINE . Backfill material shall be moist & not contain rocks or large aggregates.

Water tanks, etc., can be carefully filled with water after 3 to 7 days. Do not fill large tanks faster than 6.5 feet per hour ( 2 m / 24 hrs )
After complete curing of PAR CRYSTALLINE, potable water tanks should be thoroughly rinsed with potable water prior to being placed in service.

Application can be done under normal temperature conditions
Heavy traffic should be avoided until the surface is hardened for atleast 5 days.
Finishes containing portland cement may be applied over PAR CRYSTALLINE after 3 to 4 hours
Any paint or coating should be applied after 28 days only, over PAR CRYSTALLINE application, after thorough wire brushing, washing & removing any PAR CRYSTALLINE residual on surface. PAR CRYSTALLINE has a high pH, when mixed with water. Use protective gloves and clothing & goggles for eye protection.
Not recommended over moving joints and structures subjected to movements.
Do not apply on dry substrate.

Colour : Grey
Texture : Powder
Bulk Density : 1.25
Penetration Rate : 2 mm per week
Water Pressure Head : Upto 150 m head
pH when mixed with water : 11 + 1
Particle size : 40-150 microns
Coverage : 6 - 8 sq. ft. in two coats
Shelf Life : One year in original seal pack stored properly

PACKING: 30 kg

Par Water Repellent PWR Par Water Repellent PWR

Silicone based Water Repellent for Exterior Brick & Stone Masonry Surfaces
PAR WATER REPELLENT – PWR is a clear silicone based repellent, which penetrates in concrete / cementitious substrates pores, providing an effective water repellent protective coating. Its UV resistant properties make the film durable for outdoor use.

Cement painted surfaces, concrete, mortar, clay brick surfaces, etc.
Natural and artificial stones
Mangalore tiled roofs
Corrugated AC sheet roofing, etc.

Ready to use, brush or spray applied
Clear coating, non staining. Does not affect the exterior decorative colour
Prevents entry of moisture into the wall, but allows moisture to evaporate out
Prevent efflorescence and growth of fungus
Cost effective
Single coat application

Surface should be dry and free from all debris, dirt, oil, grease, wax and all other contamination, which could prevent penetration.
Apply one liberal coat of PAR WATER REPELLENT by brushing evenly on the prepared surface. Allow the surface to dry for a minimum of 24 hrs. For best results.

PAR WATER REPELLENT can also be applied with an airless spray (0.07 - 0.1 N/mm2 pressure).
Before taking up application on a large area, it is advisable to check the performance of the product on a relatively small area.

Do not dilute with water or by any other means.
Close the container lid properly after use
Before applying over the natural stones like sand stone, slate or Dholpur sampling should be done on a small area to check its suitability.

Appearance : Clear
Specific gravity : 1.00 ± 0.03
Coverage : Approx. 2-4 m2 (on brick wall)
Approx. 3-5 m2 (on plastered surfaces)

1KG, 5 KG,10 KG,& 20 KG